Sponsors 2007 (click any logo to visit our sponsors' sites)

Title Sponsor: , owned by Shafer Enterprises. For the third year in a row Cool Shirt will be the title sponsor of the event. Coolshirt is already the SEDIV SCCA Time Trials series sponsor, but wanted to help make this event happen by stepping up to the plate and generously donating to the cause. This sponsorship is very supportive of the event and I'd like to thank Coolshirt and Rich Shafer for helping out with this. All racecars (and trucks) will be required to display Coolshirt stickers on both sides of the car. If you do not yet have Coolshirt stickers they will be available at the event. No car will leave the starting line without them.


Presenting Sponsor: is the largest tourism draw in the state of Alabama. Over one million shoppers come from all over the country and beyond to shop for great deals. The store has been a feature on Oprah, The TODAY show, ABC News Tonight, Wall Street Journal, and many others. It is a store like no other, offering airline baggage that was never claimed by the owner... it is amazing what people pack on a trip. Unclaimed Baggage, owned by The Owens Group, is the presenting sponsor and marketing partner for the hillclimb.  
Registration and tech will be held at Unclaimed Baggage, as well as a Parc Expose' (That's car show to non-rallyist) in the main parking lot for the public to come view the entered racecars Friday night, Sep 30th. UCB will remain open until 9pm that night to allow tech and registration to remain open until then. Registration will be held inside the on-site coffee and sandwich shop inside the store. All entrants are strongly encouraged to keep their cars on display until 9pm that evening and socialize with the local residents. Directions are on the UCB site .



MADD Alabama is proud to be associated with this years event. Mothers Against Drunk Driving has a very simple and direct mission “The elimination of drunk driving and the education of our youth about the dangers of alcohol.” We feel your event and sponsors epitomize these goals. MADD will be on hand to raise awareness of these preventable tragedies with demonstrations and hopefully bring even more attention to this great event. We look forward to a long partnership with everyone and appreciate you allowing us to be a part of this great event.



Jeff Sikes Mazda is proud to be a sponsor of the 2007 Crow Mountain Hillclimb. The Mazda brand is heavily involved with racing on an international and national level... This sponsorship brings its down to the local level and we are proud to be associated with this fantastic event. JSM has donated a large package of prizes to be won by the workers and entrants at the event including several certificates for a free weekend Miata rental, and several certificates for some free car service by the award-winning Jeff Sikes Mazda Service Department. We will have a couple new cars on display at the event- come check out what could be YOUR next "zoom-zoom" ride!

Mike Beck, General Manager

CenturyTel (NYSE:CTL) is a leading provider of communications, high-speed Internet and entertainment services in small-to-mid-size cities through our broadband and fiber transport networks. Included in the S&P 500 Index, CenturyTel delivers advanced communications with a personal touch to customers in 25 states. They have made a generous financial contribution to the Crow Mountain Hill Climb.

Van Cleef racing is making a generous financial contribution to the Crow Mountain Hill Climb.

Advanced Construction Solutions is making a generous financial contribution to the Crow Mountain Hill Climb.

Twickenham Auto Club is making a generous financial contribution to the Crow Mountain Hill Climb.

Document Destruction Services is making a generous financial contribution to the Crow Mountain Hill Climb.

1. Racer Wholesale will award a free G-Force Racing Gear helmet with a retail value of up to $300 to the entrants with the first (1st Place), tenth (10th Place) and twentieth (20th Place) overall fastest times of the event. Entrants must have Racer Wholesale stickers on both sides of the car to be eligible for the helmet prizes. Contact Racer Wholesale for your stickers.

2. Racer Wholesale will provide to each event volunteer worker a 10% off gift certificate redeemable for products from G-Force Racing Gear, Fresh Air System Technology, Shelter Systems, Racing Electronics and Arai GP5/GP5K helmets.