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Crow Mountain Webmaster: greg(at)crowmountainhillclimb(dot)org Crow Mountain Treasurer: treasurer(at)crowmountainhillclimb(dot)org  
Crow Mountain Chairman: john(at)crowmountainhillclimb(dot)org Crow Mountain Registrar: registrar(at)crowmountainhillclimb(dot)org  

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Lodging and Campgrounds  
(headquarters hotel)
208 Micah Way (just west of 72+35 intersection)
“Continental Plus” breakfast starts at 5:30am
Highspeed internet/ HBO
Call for Crow Mountain Hillclimb rate

23518 John T. Reid Parkway (Hwy 72)
Crow Mountain Rate must be asked for!

23945 John T. Reid Parkway
Must say you are with Crow Mountain Hillclimb!

1401 E. Willow St.
Ask for Crow Mountain Rate!


Worker Information
We would like your help to make this event safe and enjoyable for the participants and spectators. The Crow Mountain Hillclimb needs you! There are several positions in which you can help this event be a success. The following are needed in multiple numbers:

Spectator Marshals

Spectator marshals have a highly important job. The spectator marshals are responsible for the safety and well being of the spectators. There will be designated areas for spectators to watch the event along the course. The spectators are only allowed to watch from these “spectator areas“. The course workers will be concentrating on the safety of their particular area of the course, so the safety of the “spectator areas” is the responsibility of the spectator marshals. Of course, being a spectator marshal means that you get one of the bests seats in the house for viewing the action! If you would like to help by being a spectator marshal, please let us know.

Course Workers (Flagging and Communication)

Course workers are crucial to the safe operation of the event. Course workers are the not-unsung heroes of the event. Course workers are
positioned at intervals from the start of the course to the finish. Course workers have a front-row seat in exchange for being the eyes and ears of
race control. There will be an as yet undetermined number of worker stations along the course. Each of these stations will have a corner
captain, who will be in charge of that worker station. Each station will also need a HAM radio operator for communication with race control and with the other stations. Each station will need a flag person and assistant corner workers for backup. Join the team!

We would like for course workers to be SCCA members. If you are not a SCCA member, ! If this is your first experience with SCCA, you will be able to sign up for a temporary SCCA membership at the Crow Mountain Hillclimb. This temporary membership is free of charge!
Read instructions for what to wear bring to the event here.

Sign up now to be added to the list of volunteers that are needed to make this event happen. Send your name, email address, mailing address, phone number, and how you would like to help to the webmaster.


Other Important Information
See what you need to do before you register for the hillclimb