Hill Climbing History and Events in the U.S.
Hill climbing is nearly as old as the car itself. With the invention of the automobile, English, French, and American inventors wanted to put their new machinery to the test. The idea of climbing a challenging hill tests both the skill of the operator, and the durability of their equipment. The origins of Hill climbing supposedly were in England, Wales, and Scotland, where there are an incredible amount of events with history dating back to the 19th century. Hill climbing is extremely popular on the British Isles, with several National and Historic series allowing an event nearly every weekend that weather permits.

This is a truly time honored tradition of motorsports. And, since the last few years of the 1800s, "speed trials" (as they were known back before WWII) have gone on all over Britain with very little problems. It's good competition and enjoyment for competitors and spectators alike.

We are attempting to compile some historical and current information on hill climbing in the United States. This is by no means complete, in any order of assumed or implied importance, and some information might not even be completely accurate. Please send any additional information that we could add or correct. This page will grow as we find and receive information.
Crow Mountain Hill Climb, Established 2005
History in the making...

Nearly everyone in the racing community, and surprisingly many outside the motorsport family have heard of Pikes Peak. It is an historic event and attracts competitors from around the world. The event history and impact on racing as a whole is substantial.

The road up Mount Washington was built in 1861 and the first hill climb racers up the hill were using steam engines. This hill climb event is still being held today as a vintage motorsport event and just celebrated its centennial.

Chimney Rock Hill Climb, North Carolina 1956-1995

This North Carolina event was an institution for those involved. The event was held at near Asheville, NC, the most storied and famous of the southern hill climbs. One of the hill's most interesting personalities was Georgia's .
This dedicated group of Carolinian Hill Climbers later formed Beech Mountain Hill Climb, and most recently the active

The Pennsylvania Hill Climb Association was formed to standardize rules between several neighboring hill climbs. This group is one of the most, if not most active in the country, holding 9-10 events per year. Rose Valley Hill Climb est. 1967, Giant's Despair first run in 1906, revived in 1951, Weatherly Hill Climb est. 1960 and usually run twice a year, Duryea/Pagota est. 1951 (Pagota is a shortened-Duryea course)

New England Hill-climb Association, is a collaboration of the Sports Car Club of New Hampshire, the Sports Car Club of Vermont, founded 1956, and Killington Sports Car Club. Events are currently at Mount Ascutney, Mount Philo, Mount Okemo, Burke Mountain, Bolton Valley, Mount Washington (vintage race).

The Northwest Hill Climb Association is an organization that brings together some smaller clubs. This organization has been holding events for several years (unknown how long), and usually hold 6-8 hill climbs per year, including: Teton Hill Climb, Black Otter Hill Climb, Bogus Basin Hill Climb, Bible Creek Hill Climb, Larison Rock Hill Climb, Cascade Hill Climb, Freezeout Hill Climb, Hoopa Hill Climb.