Tom Turner


Hometown: Huntsville, Alabama
Clubs: SCCA, TAC, Historic Sportscar Racing

Car: 1979 Mazda RX-7 (first year of RX-7) now 27 year old car, heavily massaged. No turbo or nitrous, just a 1308 cc rotary engine tuned razor sharp.
Class: Grand Touring 2 (GT-2)

Records held: 2005 Crow Mountain 3rd overall fastest; GT-2 class Crow Mountain record,
Fastest production unibody/tub chassis car to go up Crow Mountain
Historic Sportscar Racing GTU champion for 2003 and 2004
Winner of road races at Daytona, Road Atlanta, Barber Motorsports Park, Virginia Int'l Raceway, Carolina Motorsports Park

Tom Turner mostly does vintage road racing with Historic Sportscar Racing and Sportscar Vintage Racing Association, and a few SCCA events each year. His little Mazda Wankle rotary engine is one of the smaller engines of all the cars racing up the hill.


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