Rich Shafer
Shafer Enterprises LLC
COOL SHIRT™ Personal Cooling Systems


Hometown: Jonesboro, GA

Car: ¨ 1986 Dillon tube frame chassis
¨ 1998 Camaro fiberglass body
¨ 406 CID small block Chevy 660 HP at 7200 RPM
¨ Jerico 4 speed trans and Frankland quick change rear end
¨ Brakes 6 piston Wilwood on all four corners
¨ Wheels 12 X 16 front 14 X 16 rear
¨ Tires Hoosier 25 X 12 X 16 front 27 X 14 X 16 rear
¨ Top speed 195 MPH observed top speed so far 177

History: In June of 2004 the car was purchased by me without a motor. I rebuilt my race motor from my 1984 Firebird that I had raced for 18 years and installed it in the new car. The body work needed repainting and I kept the same paint scheme. The old number on the car was 99 and my wife’s favorite number is 82. First race was Snowshoe Hill climb in Sept 2004 where my top speed was 135 MPH on the side of a mountain. I finished First in class and third fastest time overall. My second race was a road course where I set a new class record that lasted only 20 minutes.

Owner’s Racing History:
¨ I did some drag racing in high school and college and was also a corner worker for some road racing courses in Wisconsin.
¨ Started racing my 1984 Firebird in 1985 with SCCA Solo 2 events and joined SCCA in 1986. I have always like speed coming out of a corner and in 1989 was my first high speed event. I was hooked.
¨ I have been the Southeast Class Champion with SCCA 14 times
¨ I have also set numerous class track records and Hill Climb records with SCCA.
¨ When I a teenager I always wanted to drive a Trans Am tube frame racecar and now I own one. WOW - It is an American dream come true --- look for the flag on the hood.
¨ At age 62 I’m just getting started. You are never too old.


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