David Hester
(photo: Colour Tech Motorsports South)


Hometown: Dayton, Tennessee

Car: 1989 Mustang LX (A Sedan)

History: '89 Mustang A/Sedan runs Time Trials, Hillclimbs, Roadracing
*Ran last 2 Chimney Rocks in Formula Ford
*Ran all but 2 Beech Mountains in Mustangs
*Ran all but 1 BlueRidge Hillclimbs, hold A/Sedan record- finished just out of the top 10 last year.
*Ran Crowe Mountain last year- A/Sedan Record
*Ran Rock Creek Hillclimb in Irwin, TN
*Road Raced in SARRC past 3 years.
Finished 6th in SARRC A/Sedan in 2004. Currently 6th this year, hope to improve over next 4 races.
*Thanks to:
Racer Walsh Jacksonville, FL
Decal Shop Jacksonville, FL
Bradley Tire, Dayton, TN
Racer Wholesale, Atlanta, GA
Cool Shirt, Atlanta,GA
Linda, Matt, and Chris Hester
Great event last year, looking forward to this year's event!


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