David Estill

Racing Info:
Autocrossing since '86, numerous local championships, ABC (Atlanta, Birmingham, Chattanooga) Championship, Obtained Solo I license in 2000, have driven Pro Solo, National Tours, and National Championship in Salina in 1994.

Past President and Vice President of Twickenham Auto Club

With luck, club racing next year, and of course, the Crow Mountain Hill Climb!

Finishing construction of SCCA ITA 1986 Toyota MR2. It's been 4 long years in the making, and was my daily driver and occasional autocrosser (CS Championship winner in '96 I believe) since it's '94 purchase.

Born in Birmingham, lived in Huntsville since '79 after several stops up North. Production Director for a Television / Video Production company.

Worthless Info:
Have owned over 65 cars, only 3 of which had more than 2 doors, only 8 had more than 2 seats. Most at one time: 8, all Italian (5 Alfas - 3 Fiats). Longest owned: '61 Fiat 600D - although the MR2 is getting close - at about 10 years.


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