David McDaniel

Name: David “Donut Dave” McDaniel

Hometown: Chatsworth, GA

Car information: 1996 Mazda Miata M edition, supercharged (woo-hoo!), #1 (yeah, baby!)

Car Class: Street Mod 2 (there are people that say I have no class….I think they’re confusing hair with class!)

Race history: 23 years – straightening the curves & flattening the hills J, 9 years SCCA – 9 years autocross, 6 years Solo I/Time Trials, 2 years Club Rally. SEDIV Solo I DSP Champion 2002, SEDIV ClubRally Group 5 Champion 2003, Street Mod 2 record at Blue Ridge Hill Climb (2006)

Affiliations: Hoser Racing (that’s me & my dog!), Fastech (my dealer & mechanic – Thanks Brian!), anybody else that wants to throw money or parts my way J


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