Craig Farr
TAC Treasurer/ Crow Mountain Registrar

CAR: 1974 LeGrand MK18 D Sports Racer (Kawasaki 1000cc Race Prepped engine), SCCA National Race winning chassis design well into the 1990’s until the big money arrived in DSR.
Class: Personally, mostly anal. Car – DSR or BM

Hometown: Madison, Alabama
BIO: Just married (Sept 9) to the lovely Patricia. Retired Civil Servant now a money grubbing contractor (pays for the race tires)

Misc: TAC Treasurer (also pays for the race tires) 2003-2006, TVRSCCA Board of Directors 2004-2006, SCCA SOLO Safety Steward, SCCA TT Safety Steward, CMHC Registrar, Mazda Sports Car Club of Washington, NASA, BMWCCA

CSP Course Record – CMHC 2005
CSP Course Record – Nashville Super Speedway TT 2005
2005 CSP SEDIV TT Champion
FTD 2003 SpeedSouth Summer Shootout
2003-2005 TAC/TVRSCCA CSP SOLO Champ
Current Blue Ridge CSP Track Record Holder
Numerous FTDs TVRSCCA and TAC
"Born Again" Racer

Sponsors: FARROUT Racing, “Old Farts Having Fun”
SPECIAL THANX: Rich Shafer of “Cool Shirt” for his never ending SEDIV TT Sponsorship. Howard Bennett for his support to the racers. John “Johnny Crow” Barnett for his vision and drive that made CMHC a reality.



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