About the Event
The Crow Mountain Hill Climb

The Crow Mountain Hill climb event is an exciting new concept. The sport of hill-climb racing is a competition matching men and women in interesting machinery against a challenging twisty road and the clock. The hill climb is marked with a start and a finish, and the competitors try to finish the course with the lowest time in their particular class.

Sanctioned by the SCCA

The Crow Mountain Hill Climb is sanctioned and operated for the county by the Tennessee Valley Region of the Sports Car Club of America [SCCA]. The SCCA is a 55,000-member organization that has been putting on safe and fun amateur motoring events for over sixty years. It is one of the oldest, largest, and most respected motoring organizations in the world.

SCCA has a local chapter, or region, in every corner of this country including Alaska and Hawaii. The Tennessee Valley Region of SCCA is over 45 years old and has hosted safe and enjoyable events for North Alabama sports car racers and guests going all the way back to the famous 1950s and 60s SCCA races at Courtland Air Base. SCCA is a place for the casual hobbyist who wants to have some safe and exciting fun on the weekends with the family cheering to semiprofessional road racers who are striving to break into the "big leagues" of professional racing. SCCA sanctions events 52 weeks a year in every type of racetrack, parking lot, field, mountain road, or off-road trail in the country. SCCA sanctioning means that the event is staffed and supervised by very serious volunteers who train to make this type of event enjoyable and safe for competitors and spectators. SCCA event workers are some of the most dedicated people to their hobby that you will ever meet. Racing competitors and workers in SCCA usually know each other and care for the safety of everybody involved. Safety is the #1 concern of everyone involved.

Crow Mountain and Its Surroundings

The scenery in Jackson County is some of the most beautiful in the country. The road chosen for The Crow Mountain Hill Climb stretches 2 miles and challenges even the most experienced hill climb racers from throughout the Southeast and beyond who come to challenge this road one-on-one. There are some of the most technical hairpins ever seen. The road is definitely exciting, but the overall speeds are kept comfortable, making this site absolutely perfect for a hill climb race. It is as if the County Engineer planned it to be tackled in a spirited fashion.
The event was scheduled for October 1-2 of 2005, and we worked hard to make this inaugural event something special. Help us continue to build this hillclimb into the very exceptional event that it showed the potential for in '05. Everyone interested in the 2006 hillclimb can both put something into, and get something out of this event. Contact Greg Marvin, the webmaster, or myself to get involved with this historic event.

John Barnett
Crow Mountain Hill Climb Event Chairman

Other Important Information
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